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Girls Leading Our World

Global Cohort & Fellowship

Cantu Beauty joins Women Empowering Nations (WEN), a non-profit organisation, in hosting a series of career-readiness workshops for minority women to accelerate their path to executive leadership.


To All Those Chosen For The Glow Global Cohort

Thank you to everyone who applied we have now chosen the Cohorts!
Now introducing the 2022 delegates...

Our Global Delegates

Rachel Appiah

Rachel Appiah

Rachel Appiah", her title: " 2022 Glow Global Fellow, UK

The GLOW Global Travel Seminar was an exciting opportunity to bond with the other fellows and make lifelong friends - I really appreciated being able to interact and build relationships with other inspirational and career-driven people, including the mentors, WEN team, and the other fellows.

“Cantu Beauty has always been committed to supporting the next generation of female leaders by equipping them with the skills and resources to make a difference in their personal and professional lives,”

“Through our partnership with WEN we’re able to take our commitment to the next level at a larger scale to reach women of color all over the world.”

-Dametria Kinsley, Cantu Beauty’s Global Vice President of Marketing.

About the program

Together with WEN, our mission is to provide exposure, development and mentorship for minority women in underserved communities to accelerate their path to executive leadership.

50 young women will be chosen from Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, the United Kingdom, France and the United States to participate in the Girls Leading Our World (GLOW) Global Cohort, a high impact leadership coaching experience, ending at the 2022 Summit.

After the 2022 Summit, 10 young women will then move onto the Cantu GLOW Global Fellowship, where each girl will intern at Cantu Beauty for four months and then will conclude their experience with a group travel seminar in Nigeria.

Female executives from diverse backgrounds will lead workshops exploring social change, economic justice, women’s empowerment and leadership.

For more information and timings visit the wenations.org.

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