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Is Cantu Black-owned?

Whilst we are not Black-owned, we are Black-led. We have Black people both at the forefront of the brand and behind the scenes running Cantu who have been customers & users of the brand for a long time. Showing up for our community and making sure we are represented at all times is extremely important here at Cantu.

Are Cantu products tested on animals/ cruelty free?

We are a cruetly-free brand and do not test our products or ingredients on animals. We do however like to test on family and friends!

Can Cantu be used on all hair types?

The Cantu products are expertly formulated for all textured hair types: curly, coily and wavy hair.

Are Cantu products Vegan?

We have a growing number of vegan-friendly products, however not all Cantu products are vegan. To check the vegan status of a product, please visit the product page or contact us at

How can I stay up to date with Cantu news?

Stay connected with the Cantu community & hear about the latest launches and updates by following us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. You can also sign up to our mailer.

Does Cantu support any charities?

We support our community through a range of initiatives, donations partnerships, and sponsorships.

For example, we have partnered with Women Empowering Nations (WEN), their mission is to provide exposure, development and mentorship for minority women in underserved communities, to accelerate their path to executive leadership. In addition, we have recently partnered with MammaKind; a baby bank to support struggling families with children aged five years and under.

What is cocktailing?

Cocktailing is mixing different products to find the perfect combination for your hair. For example, mixing your styling cream and your gel together, to provide definition and long-lasting hold in one application.

What is the LCO method?

‘LCO’ is a method of hair product application (liquid/leave-in conditioner, followed by a cream and lastly an oil), to maximise long-lasting moisture. At Cantu we promote LCO instead of LOC (liquid/leave-in conditioner, followed by an oil and lastly a cream), since using an oil after the cream helps seal the moisture into the hair shaft.

What are your top tips for reducing hair breakage?

Protect your hair overnight by wrapping it with our Satin Bonnets or Satin Cap and regularly re-moisturise it throughout the week with leave-in conditioners and oils. Always start detangling your hair at the ends, before moving towards the roots. Low manipulation hairstyles are best.

How can I prep my hair before a protective style?

Our Protective Styles range was created to be used before, during and after protective styling.

We recommend properly cleansing the hair and scalp using our Hair Bath & Cleanser and for best results, use together with our Conditioning Detangler which is a 2 in 1 conditioner. Your hair should be moisturised prior to styling.

What are the essential must-have tools/accessories for best daily hair care routine?

To detangle we recommend the Cantu Sturdy Detangle Comb, Detangle Ultra Glide Brush, and the Detangle Sturdy Wash Day Brush.

To style, we recommend the Sturdy Double Lift Pick, the Style Carbon Fibre Combs and the Style Part & Twist Set.

To smooth, we recommend the Smooth Thick Hair Paddle Brush, Smooth Thick Hair Styler, Updo Natural Bristle Brush, and the Edges Baby Hair Styler.

Can I mix the different ranges?

Yes! You can mix our ranges for your haircare needs.

Where can I purchase the ranges?

Access our where to buy page to find out more.

How old should my child be before using Cantu Care for Kids?

The Cantu Kids range has been specially formulated to gently wash, condition, detangle and style children’s hair aged 3-11. Our other ranges are suitable for children aged 12 or over.

What is the difference between a Leave-in Conditioner and a Styling Cream?

Leave-in conditioners are specially formulated to keep curls hydrated and conditioned between wash days. Styling creams are ideal to style your hair as they help to enhance natural curl or coil definition, provide further moisturisation and added hold.

What is the difference between a Conditioner and a Leave-in Conditioner?

Conditioners are specially formulated as a rinse out treatment to keep hair hydrated and conditioned on wash days. Leave-in conditioners are ideal to keep curls, coils and waves moisturised and hydrated in between wash days and is not rinsed out.

What is the difference between a Conditioner and a Masque?

Conditioners are specially formulated as a rinse out treatment to keep hair hydrated and conditioned on wash days. Masques are similar but are formulated with richer conditioning properties to have a deeper conditioning affect.

What is the difference between Curling Cream and a Curl Activator?

Curling Cream and a Curl Activator are both specially formulated to keep curls, coils and waves defined. Our curling creams are a richer and thicker formulation, and the Curl Activator is a lighter formula that helps to define without weighing the hair down.

What is the difference between your Styling Creams?

Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream

  • Activates curls without weighing hair down
  • Reveals frizz-free, voluminous curls
  • Ideal for wavy, curly, coily hair (types 2/3/ fine type 4)

Coconut Curling Cream

  • Enriched with Coconut Oil
  • Defines and elongates curls
  • Ideal for curly, coily hair (types 3/4)

Cream gel

  • Defines curls & strengthens strands
  • Made with Guava, Ginger, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E & Quinoa
  • Provides moisture and adds hold without crunch, flakes or sticky build-up
  • Ideal for wavy, curly, coily hair (types 3/ 4/ fine type 2)

Hydrating Avocado Curl Activator Cream

  • Defines and softens
  • For frizz-free curls
  • Formulated with Avocado Oil and Shea Butter
  • Ideal for wavy, curly, coily hair (types 2/3 or fine type 4)

Hydrating Avocado Curling Cream

  • Moisturises and defines
  • For frizz-free curls
  • Formulated with Shea Butter, Mango Butter and Coconut Oil-Ideal for curly and coily hair (types 3/4)

What is the key benefit of Shea butter?

Shea butter is fat that’s extracted from the nuts of the shea tree and is packed with Vitamins A and E, including essential fatty acids. Shea butter has moisturising and conditioning properties for the hair, which may help to: prevent breakage, reduce dryness, prevent split ends, increase shine and reduce frizz.

Is there Isopropyl Alcohol in Cantu products?

Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) can be drying to the hair if used on its own, but this is not the case with Cantu Beauty products. Only tiny amounts are used with other ingredients, which are needed to complete our moisturising formulas, and the IPA evaporates before it reaches your hair. However, we are constantly revisiting the formulas as and when new information becomes available to us to ensure we can provide the best possible products.

Have you changed the formula of the Leave-In Repair Cream?

The Cantu Leave-In Repair Cream has an improved formula with more moisture, no drying alcohol, no silicones and no Butylphenyl Methylpropional.

Why do you have cetearyl alcohol in your products?

Cetearyl alcohol is commonly found in personal care products to help soften the hair and skin, and to thicken and stabilize cosmetic products. Cetearyl alocohol is a fatty alcohol, it’s not drying or irritating; making it different from other common alcohols like ethanol.

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