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Satin Lined Shower Cap

Key Features:

• Features waterproof outer layer and soft satin-lined interior 
• Get double the protection against moisture in the shower
• Satin lining minimizes frizz in the bath and shower
• Easily fits over hair of all lengths and textures
• One size fits all

Satin Lined Shower Cap

The Cantu Satin-Lined Double-Sided Shower Cap is the upgraded shower cap you’ve been waiting for. Treat your hair to soft satin that will be gentle on your strands, while offering double protection from moisture. Unlike traditional plastic shower caps, this satin-lined cap is durable enough to protect your hair from steam, water, and holes that allow moisture in. Feel comfortable and confident with two layers of protection over your strands.

How to Use

Slide onto your hair with the satin liner on the inside of the cap before a shower or bath.