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Narrow Define Detangling Brush

Key Features:

• Bristle rows are designed for smooth detangling and less breakage 
• Easily glide narrow brush through hair without snagging
• Perfect for short to medium thick and curly hair
• Features non-slip grip and sturdy handle for a stronger hold

Narrow Define Detangling Brush

The Cantu Narrow Define Detangling Brush was made to glide through short to medium thick and curly hair, with rows of long bristles designed to minimise breakage and snags. It also features a rubber base and non-slip grip for a strong hold and stress-free detangling experience.

How to Use

Divide hair into sections, start at ends and slowly work to the root, repeat for each section. Never detangle from the root down as this may cause damage.

Use this brush with Cantu's Coil Calm Detangler for an even smoother detangling process.