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Hook Bands

Key Features:

• Features adjustable, snag-free design for comfortable hold on styles 
• Extra long for use on different hair types and lengths
• Use as a simple headband or create an updo
• Tie it around your ponytail for extra strong hold 

Hook Bands

The Cantu Snag-Free Hook Elastic Bands are your next obsession when it comes to curly hair accessories. Say goodbye to painful snags and say hello to curly puffs and stylish updos. Our extra-long and snag-free bands can wrap around your head as a headband, or be tied around a ponytail for extra hold. Fit them exactly to your hair length, thickness, and desired style with the adjustable feature. You can try a new style every day of the week with these multi-purpose elastic bands designed for your comfort.

How to Use

To use, connect the snag-free hook directly to your hair and wrap for your desired end look. For sleek styling, use with Cantu gels