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Tolu's diary update

Coiffeur Group Launch Event

Despite the year coming to a close, it’s still been a busy and exciting time for me. Recently I was lucky to attend the launch of the fantastic new networking hub for hairstylists called The Coiffeur Group, created by award-winning stylist Dionne Smith. I was invited down to represent Cantu and talk to a group of talented hair professionals about my journey as the Cantu Curl Awards winner – starting at the beginning of my entry process, right through to the amazing role I currently occupy as an ambassador for Cantu and what that entails. It was so awesome connecting with a bunch of like-minded individuals who are equally passionate about hair.

Cantu Shoot

One of the highlights of the month was taking part in a special Cantu shoot which you will all be able to see very soon. We caught up with some of your favourite influencers, who all have very different hair textures. In the video you’ll see me conduct a mini consultation with them, and reveal the common characteristics of each curl type, and the most suitable products to use to maintain healthy hair. I also filmed a fun fact video where I was asked to reveal 10 interesting things about me. It was such a fun day. I really hope you enjoy both videos.

Styling Tiana Major9

Singer Tiana Major9 is such an incredible artist. She just released a new single called Collide, which is a collaboration with EarthGang, taken from the exciting new film Queen & Slim, which is touted as a black Bonnie & Clyde. Yours truly was granted the opportunity to style Tiana’s hair for the video and of course I jumped at the chance. She’s really into knotless braids at the moment, so we created a classic and simple braided look. Tiana has really healthy hair, and I made sure to keep her edges sleek and protected with the help of Cantu Edge Stay Gel, which is great for creating long-lasting hold and smoothing flyaways. I’m so proud of Tiana, no doubt 2020 will be even more colossal for this beauty.

Date with the Theatre for Fairview

Continuing with the theme of entertainment, I was also booked to style another amazing talent – actress Naana Agyeil-Ampadu. Naana is currently starring in the production Fairview showing at the Old Vic and I was called upon to style her hair for the press night. I created some gorgeous cornrows and used my old faithful Coil Calm Detangler to soften and prep Naana’s gorgeous natural hair. Do check out this amazing production if you can.