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Meet Tolu

On 23rd August 2019, textured hair hairstylist Tolu Agoro was crowned the winner of the Cantu Curl Awards, the first recipient of this prestigious title created by the bestselling hair brand. The judges and crowd were duly impressed by the talent, skill and effervescent personality of Tolu who competed against six other finalists to take the grand prize.

Tolu has had a distinguished career to date. The founder of her own platform Lu’s Curls, the dynamic stylist has specialised in creating art with Afro hair since 2012.
Far from being solely concerned with just the aesthetics of hair, Tolu has committed herself to being well versed on the science of textured hair too. Her passion and dedication have opened a plethora of opportunities for Tolu, from fashion to video shoots, to styling women with all types of Afro textures on their wedding day, to working with high-profile celebrities such as internationally renowned author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Tolu is most fulfilled when able to turn a simple idea into magic, adding value to the world and leaving people with lasting memories through the work she does. In addition to hairstyling, Tolu is an actress, presenter, poet and recently produced and directed an upcoming online series called Daddy & His Lil Curls, a show that focuses on the unique relationship between father and daughter through the medium of hairstyling.

We are extremely excited about Tolu’s time as Cantu Ambassador, this worthy creative talent will no doubt leave a lasting impression, so watch this space.